The In Depth Project deals with the juxtaposition of different points of view toward nature. The art consistently deals with sinusoidal patterns which exist in everyday reality, which are the themes of construction turning to deconstruction, and back again into reconstruction. These natural changes are much like the growth which precedes decay and allows for new growth. One cycle stimulates the other and all materials and matter are subject to their effects. By examining the natural surroundings one can see the manifestations of design and chaos, order and disorder, or pattern and randomness, but through it all there is always process. Looking outwardly, it is possible to contemplate the vastness of things, while looking inwardly also illuminates a universe of its own; with humanity existing somewhere in between. We are located in this middle ground between the macro and the micro worlds with a strategic vantage point to understand both realities. It is an interesting duality, the micro-verse as compared to the macro-verse. Together, they are realities which allow man to be perceived as both giants and as mere dust. Everything exists in a universe designed to tear itself apart, to wear down and ultimately come to a stop. This process can be delayed but it can never be outdone. Confronted with this, a person finds oneself in the unique position of recognizing this fact, with much thought and energy focused on this fate. It is thus humanity’s constructive intervention which serves as the temporary delay in the process of universal unraveling as he seeks stability in a changing universe.

In Depth shows the duality of these concepts and how man is both spectator and participant in these changing forces. These drawings and paintings express this connection to our natural surroundings. They serve as a symbol for the creation or reconstruction of things, as well as a metaphor for the processes of generation and regeneration.

Chris Hernandez

orn in 1974. Graduated from Southwest Texas State University, 1997; Magna Cum Laude (with high honors). Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art: Metalsmithing and Painting. Over the years, he has taken on a more representational/narrative approach to his painting with the themes of geography, entropy, construction and deconstruction as the basis. He has exhibited numerously in the USA, as well as in Poland. National and international juried publications include: New American Paintings: vol.60, New American Paintings: 15 years, and Manifest Gallery’s: Third International Painting Annual, 2014.

Title: Caves – panoramic view

print; 2017

Title: Orb Mountain

acrylic on canvas; 50 x 50 cm; 2016

Title: Asteroid 2

acrylic on canvas; 50 x 50 cm; 2016

Title: Asteroid 1

acrylic on canvas; 50 x 50 cm; 2016

Title: Asteroids

pen on paper; 7 x 7 cali; 2016

Title: Galaxies

acrylic on canvas; 130 x 114 cm; 2011

Title: Stone

acrylic on canvas;  100 x 100 cm; 2014

digital works from the Black Mountains series

selection of drawings from the White Pen Drawings series

pen on heavy paper; 14 x 20 cm; 2016

Title: Bacterial Race War

acrylic on canvas; 120 x 100 cm; 2016

Title: S-Pile

acrylic on canvas; 100 x 100 cm; 2014

Title: Mass III

acrylic on paper; 21 x 30 cm; 2017

Title: Mass I

acrylic on paper; 21 x 30 cm; 2017

Title: Mass IV

acrylic on paper; 21 x 30 cm; 2017

Title: Mass II

acrylic on paper; 21 x 30 cm; 2017

Title: Burning Coal

acrylic on canvas; 100 x 100 cm; 2015

Title: Coal Stack

acrylic on canvas; 50 x 50 cm; 2016

Titke: Graffitied Rock

acrylic on canvas; 100 x 100 cm; 2014

Tytuł pracy: Rock Wall

acrylic on canvas; 100 x 100 cm; 2014

selection of drawings from the Tree Rings series

ink on paper; 15 x 15 cm; 2017

selection of drawings from The White Album series

pen on tissue; 17 x 29 cm; 2013

selection of drawings from the Caves series

pen on paper; 7 x 7 cali; 2017