17.19. – 29.11.2019


We leave marks after ourselves every day. Our choices and decisions are a combination between what we got from our forefathers and how we create our present, which will have an impact on future generations.

The exhibition presents a personal journey of artistic duet working together for almost 10 years. Days, weeks, months and years filled up with handmade, artisanal work are artists’ everyday reality. Designing is a conscious choice and natural process, growing out of creation need. They design projects using simplest, but demanding techniques, which requires lots of patience and time to get unexpected effects. Artists cope with the mark of our present generation – trash.

The artists adopted this controversial material – garbage, leftovers, something we need to get rid of (also from our consciousness) – by converting it into a creative one. Thrown out, unwanted things are everywhere and have great potential. Colorful plastic pieces, paper or gum are an impulse, neverending inspiration, the base where creating process starts. The projects using those materials are the core of this exhibition.

Patka Smirnow and Karina Królak are recognized artists connected with Warsaw Praga since many years ago. It is here, where they chose to locate their studio. It is here, where they established Inżynierska 3 Association, that supports and integrates artists and local community. Usually, they work on their own projects, which are presented and rewarded all over the world. Over nine years ago artists joined their forces within recycling and ecology area. They work in a duet, organize zero waste workshops , lead lectures and educational meetings related to these issues.

Smirnow and Królak are driven by ethical priorities in their art creation. They bravely fuse materials, reach for unusual, big forms, amaze with extremely esthetical, high quality projects made of trash.

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Art Walk Gallery, plac Europejski, Warsaw
Artists: Karina Królak and Patka Smirnow
Coordination: Karolina Wlazło-Maliowska

We would like to thank exhibition organizers: ART IN THE CITY Foundation and GHELAMCO POLAND for giving us the possibility to present our artistic work at the Art Walk Gallery. We give our special thanks to: Marta Czyż, who invited us to this exhibition, treated us with trust and gave us full freedom of our presentation; Karolina Wlazło-Malinowska for her professional help, patience, involvement and kindness at every step of exhibit arrangements; Kasia Jacobson and Joanna Noga for their help; Sylwia Mendyk for her great input into the graphic side.



Title: Menopause

Title: Somewhere in Time

Title: Conventional Sentiment III

Title: Colours of Silence III

Title: Rearranged Reality

Title: Letters to Europe

Title: Columbus’ Daughter

Title: Retrospective Innocence III

TitleAn Interrupted Conversation

Title: The Blessed Normality

Title: The Character of Entirety

Title: Responsibility Criterion II

Title: An evolutionary case which didn’t happen II

Title: Available Identity III

Title: The Forbidden Taste of Virginity II

Title: Initiation II

Title: Natalie’s Birthday

Title: Primavera II

Title: Benefits of Ambivalence

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