Artificial Human



Studied at the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw (2006-2013), and at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2008-2015); annex to the degree piece prepared at the Faculty of Design of the Academy. Her artistic activity involves use of such media as traditional sculpture, digital photography, video, 3D. She often combines them in one work as a collage, giving the work an interesting polyphony. Her degree piece was selected for the exhibition 2015 Coming Out The Best Degree Pieces from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Tytuł pracy:  Artificial Human

In her piece the artist poses questions related to cyborgisation of human body, and refers to experiments aiming at creation of artificial life simulating human in its visual aspect. On the other hand the installation enters a dialogue with traditional sculpture; the work was loosely inspired by a motif of an artificial man (Frankenstein, robot, android, doll), present throughout mainstream film, literature and popular culture.