How to Make Friends with the River

Cecylia Malik


Cecylia invited children and young people from Zielona Białołęka Centre in Warsaw to a co-opeartion aimed at the revitalization of the Vistula River. The workshops’ theme revolved around the river’s importance for the city and its residents. In the first part participants broadened their knowledge about the river and carried out the artistic works related to the river – large scale models of fish and plates with the names of various rivers. The second stage of the workshops consisted of a performance made in the natural surroundings of the Vistula River in Warsaw, involving the children as participants together with the documentary filmmakers of the event.


River Sisters

Siostry Rzeki (River Sisters) is the action of the Matki Polki na Wyrębie Collective (Polish Mother’s Collective on the Felling) and Ratujmy Rzeki Coalition (Save the Rivers Coalition) in defense of the last natural rivers of Europe (including Vistula) against the Polish government’s plans to regulate the E 40 waterway and the construction of a new large dam on the Vistula in Siarzew. The action was created to popularize the postulates of the Save the Rivers Coalition.

In the European developed countries, the process of the rivers regulation is being reversed and their natural course is being restored. Numerous studies indicate that river fencing is a reason for flooding.

With the River Sisters project we want to show that rivers are important for normal people and their everyday life. They are our holiday destiantions, our landscape and our fresh water supply.

We want to say out loud that most of the implemented or planned investments on rivers are violating the international law. Protests and happenings of the River Sisters took place in Kraków, in Ciechocinek on the spot of the planned dam in Siarzew, in Warsaw and on the Warta and Oleśnica rivers.