Łowicz meteorite

Katarzyna Przezwańska

19 specimens

period: ca. 4 bn years ago (in Poland since 1935)

fall location: Łowicz area (Masovia)

Łowicz meteorite fell in the form of a stony rain in the South of Łowicz on March 12, 1935 at 0:52. The bang of defragmentation of the meteorite was heard in Warsaw, yet the phenomenon was visible only in southern Poland near Olkusz.

Almost 110 kg of fragments were collected, the biggest fragment weighed approx. 10 kg. It is a stony-iron meteorite, the so-called mesosiderite – one of the rarest types of meteorites. It probably comes from inner regions of the Solar System. A potential source of such meteorites can be 16 Psyche or Vesta planetoids – one of the biggest objects in the planetoid belt between Mars and Jupiter.


The piece comes from the collection of Polish Academy of Sciences Museum of the Earth in Warsaw.