Wojciech Dada vel. Duda

Neon Inn

The inspiration for the creation of this work was… a bolt of lightning that struck Saint Peter’s Dome on February 13th, 2013. It caused a massive wave of comments all over the world. On the very same day Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would abdicate on February 28th. Dean of the Cardinals College Angelo Sodano said that this message had come like a “bolt from the blue.” This phenomenon revealed again a timeless tendency of people to make sense of accidental events. The fact of the constant development of knowledge and our understanding of the world does not reduce our need for overinterpretation of many events. This need is fueled by the media, which should, as it would seem, reveal a true knowledge about the world. Meanwhile, the images of the “reality” created by the media – paradoxically become sometimes the curtain for the real version of it.


Parallel, 2013