Rosa Luxemburg

Ola Munzar i Grzegorz Sobolewski (Dolce Luce)

Neon Inn

This neon is both old and new. Old, as it was created in 1922 as an element of the facade of the newly built Rosa Luxemburg Electric Lamps Factory. And new at the same time, because it never became a part of the facade. This neon has never shone.


In the days, when the term dyslexia was not in common use, a spelling mistake in the word Rose closed a young career of its maker. Since then, the guy worked operating the big mercury tanks located under the floors of the factory halls. That is where he met his future wife Rosalie.


It’s not true. If you know the truth, or a better untruth; share it with Dolce Luce.


Rosa Luxemburg, 2016