Skateboarding Summit…

Anna Jochymek


Skateboarding Summit, or the Reflection on Social Exclusion in the Context of Alternative Culture


Skateboarding Summit was held on 24-25 November 2018 in Łódź.

Skateboarding is a way of reinterpreting urban spaces. It is full of freedom, vitality and unpredictability. Skateboarders are disturbing the social order because they demonstrate, in a very simple way, that the urban space does not belong to everyone. We asked ourselves how exclusion works and who ‘the Other’ is, to conclude that ‘everyone in their uniqueness can become a closer person to me’.



Anna Jochymek – ig: @anna_jochymek

Damian „florek” Florczak – ig: @_df97_

Marcin Polak – ig: @ miejmiejsce

Marcin Sińczak – ig: @neverletgofme

Mateusz Czyczyn – ig: @out.ofstep

Oszka Mrozowicz – ig: @mrooszka

Tomasz „Gonzi” Haładaj – ig: @buttholelovereater


Video: Anna Jochymek

Photos: Damian „florek” Florczak, Marcin Polak, Marcin Sińczak

A kicker skateboard ramp design: Tomasz „Gonzi” Haładaj

Metal sheet – a found object: Mateusz Czyczyn