The Association of Polish Artists

Jerzy Jaworski

Warsaw Symbols

The Association of Polish Artists was established to support and promote the artistic activity of its members. Founded in 1911 in Cracow by Tytus Czyżewski, Zbigniew Pronaszko and Andrzej Pronaszko, the association initially had only 112 members.


During the communist era it was controlled by the state, but still managed to be very active, running art galleries all across Poland. In 1983 the association was dissolved by the authorities in retaliation for supporting the demands of “Solidarity”. It was reactivated in 1989.


Today, the association has some 7,000 members – painters, graphic designers, sculptors, and other artists operating in the areas such as ceramic art, glass, stained glass, artistic fabrics, interior design, and industrial design, stage design and others. The association has two branch offices and 22 sub-branches in Poland.