The Institute of Industrial Design

Witold Janowski

Warsaw Symbols

During the post-war period, there was a huge demand in Poland for experts to guide reconstruction efforts. Therefore, the Institute of Industrial Design was founded on the initiative of Wanda Telekowska in 1950.


The Institute was a scientific and research institution whose aim was to improve the aesthetics of manufactured goods and identify the needs of consumers. The research activities of the Institute were focused on two domains: housing and work. Researchers analysed social, economic, aesthetic and cultural needs of Poles as the basis for establishing the practical and aesthetic standards for specific products. Special attention was paid to improving the lives of people with disabilities – the Institute analysed their needs, conducting special projects to come up with designs for interiors, equipment, and clothing catering to that group.


Currently, the Institute is a limited liability company offering consulting, educational, and promotional services. Each year the Institute holds the Young Design and the Good Design competitions.