The Institute of Mother and Child

Karol Śliwka

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For over 60 years The Institute of Mother and Child has offered hospital treatment to mothers, children and adolescents. It was founded to combat infectious diseases and perinatal morbidity of infants and mothers.


One of the Institute’s greatest achievements was its introduction of the concept of developmental age, according to which drug dosing should depend on the age of the patient. The Institute opened the first clinic and ward in Poland for premature infants, the first oncology ward for children and the first neonatology ward. Thanks to the initiative of its manager, the hospital introduced the so-called health booklets for children that help monitor the growth and development of a child.


Currently, the Institute comprises 7 clinics and 14 wards. Every year over 100,000 young patients are treated at specialized clinics and 14,000 children are hospitalized at the Institute.