The Stranger/Apotropaic Fuck

Jakub Słomkowski

Space Debris

The Stranger/Apotropaic Fuck ink/marker pens on paper 2020


Space Debris the installation of remains from collages 2020


Apotropaic Fuck is the mass of evil. Deterrable, animated rock/meteorite. The symbol of getting accustomed to evil. At the same time, it brings the association of the organism attacking the human-being. It may be, though, a type of vaccination or a useful bacterium. It seems to be evil, however, it serves the human-being. The work is presented together with the installation Space Debris that makes reference to the title of the whole exhibition. Plankton-like countless pieces embracing the Earth include also big objects with the size of Apotropaic Fuck and also some larger ones. The cuttings used in the installation – the remains of materials used for collages in the cycle – processed into the representatives of space debris, become cosmic remains uncut.