The “Uroda” Warsaw Soap and Cosmetics Factory

Karol Śliwka

Warsaw Symbols

The history of the “Uroda” Warsaw Soap and Cosmetics Factory dates back to 1899, when the Chemical Products Factory Joint Stock Company was established at Szwedzka Street under the name of “Praga”. At first, the company produced mostly floor wax and shoe polish, later changing its profile in the interwar period and launching its first line of soaps and washing powders.


Soon its owners took over the premises of the neighbouring lamp factory, converting it to perfume and cosmetics production. It was here that the first cosmetics and powders were created in the 1930s, under the brand “Uroda” (“Beauty”). After the war, the company was nationalized and transformed into the Warsaw Soap and Cosmetics Factory. In 1958, the “URODA” trademark was registered by the Polish Patent Office.


In the 1970s, the brand became absorbed by the Union of Household Chemicals “Pollena” and has since functioned as Pollena – Uroda, remaining a leader in the production of Polish cosmetics, with product lines such as Kwiaty Polskie (Polish Flowers) or Melissa.