The Warsaw Philharmonic

Stanisław Töpfer

Warsaw Symbols

The original building of the Warsaw Philharmonic was erected in 1901. The eclectic structure based on the Paris Opera was designed by Karol Kozłowski. The Warsaw Philharmonic was the concert hall for the greatest contemporary musicians, as well as international piano and violin competitions and contemporary music festivals. The building was destroyed in one of the first German raids, and nearly half of the Philharmonic’s orchestra members were killed during the war.


In 1955, a completely new building designed by Eugeniusz Szparkowski and Henryk Białobrzeski was opened, and the Warsaw Philharmonic was renamed the “National”. From the outside, the building is a classic example of socialist realism, while the interior is dominated by decorative art with magnificent chandeliers and ornamental detailing of stairwells.