The Art Walk Council supports the creation of the artistic discourse and the main directions of the development of Art Walk exhibitions. Its members, working in the fields of art, culture and media, supervise the formulation of the annual program and the cooperation with curators, artists and external institutions. They also give their opinions on external artistic cooperation proposals submitted to the Art in the City Foundation (Fundacja Sztuka w Mieście), which coordinates Art Walk’s operations.


The first Board’s term covered the years 2016-2018. Members of the Council in the first term of office were curator Marta Czyż, Katarzyna Roj (Dizajn Gallery – BWA Wrocław), Paweł Stremski (, Targi Rzeczy Ładnych) and Paulina Wrocławska (


In the current, second term, the permanent composition of the Art Walk Board includes Marta Czyż and Jakub Słomkowski (artist painter, performer, musician).
The Council deliberations are enriched by invited experts form various fields related to the trends and thematic issues presented in the gallery.

The ongoing Council’s term members (2019-2020):


Marta Czyż

Art historian and curator. Since March 2011 she had co-created the Kordegarda Gallery’s artistic program. She cooperated with many art galleries in Poland and abroad.


As a curator, she prepared and coordinated exhibitions at, among others, BWA Zielona Góra, National Museum in Szczecin, Ujazdowski Castle – Centre for Contemporary Art, Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, and Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna. She created projects for the public space (for example with Jadwiga Sawicka).


She was the curator of the Young Artists section for the 3rd International Festival of Ephemeral Art in Sokołowsk. Together with Julia Wielgus she published a book “D.O.M. Polish” (with Raster Gallery and BWA Zielona Góra) and “Within the Exhibition – Talks with the Curators”.


Jakub Słomkowski

A graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in the field of painting. As a young graduate, he became the laureate of the “Samsung Art Master “2009 competition.


Apart from the performance art and painting, he is involved in creating music for performances of Iza Szostak.


The initiator and organizer of the “Kolacja na Hucie” happening, which he has been carrying out every year since 2007.


Member of the “KUBATWICEIMPROVISE” team and the acting duo (with Loik Bertrand) “Loikub”. He has co-operated with the Art Walk gallery as a laureate of the “Art Walk Open Call 2017”