In the exhibition Apparently Small Significance of Puddles (Art Walk Gallery), a duo of visual artists, Magdalena Lazar and Piotr Urbaniec, are presenting results of their year-long artistic research focusing on the titular puddles – ephemeral, urban water reservoirs. With a use of various artistic and scientific methods studying the “street holes” and water anomalies, they invented a quasi-science to gather all evidence and clues concerning the life of puddles. Their exhibition combines poetry, humour and the absurd with an important study of hydro-ecological issues and the life of ‘other’ beings in urban space. The exhibition coincides with the futurist landscape of the Wola district of Warsaw and outer-space like, metal capsules – reminiscent of the cosmonautics history in the 20th century. Visitors are guided through experiments made by artist/researchers, creating sort of pop-science and informal diagrams. The exhibition is accompanied by a text introducing the fictional science of “puddlelogy” and challenges facing its representatives—puddlelogists.


Apparently Small Significance of Puddles

exhibition by Magdalena Lazar and Piotr Urbaniec

Art Walk Gallery, plac Europejski, Warsaw

29 August – 31 December 2023

Artists: Magdalena Lazar, Piotr Urbaniec
Curator: Michalina Sablik
Collaboration: professor Bartosz Płachno (Botanical Institute of Cracow Jagiellonian University)

Technical support: Jakub Antosz
Graphic design: Magdalena Lazar, Piotr Urbaniec
Polish text: Michalina Sablik
English translation: Piotr Sylwester Mierzwa

Organizers: Fundacja Sztuka w Mieście, Ghelamco

Photo Documentation: Katarzyna Średnicka (Media Mafia)
Video Documentation: Krzysztof Sobierański (Media Mafia)