Virtual space is a physically non-existent environment consisting of files, websites, and applications that constitute a functional whole. It is a pragmatic, but also an abstract entity that can be freely created and modified. That is why the board of Wykwitex decided to erect their first skytower – Wykwitex Tower – right there. It will house the headquarters of the company and become your place on Earth!


The project Sky Is the Limit poses the question of whether it is possible to abandon the physical space for the virtual one. It is an attempt at fantasizing about one’s own place. Moving a business or even an institution of culture with all their resources into the virtual space can bring many positive changes, like reduced utility costs or the possibility to reach a broader audience.


The goal of our business and our offer is to create a new enterprising model which capitalizes the human need to have one’s own space. We present our offer to individuals, companies, institutions, start-ups, and investors.


Artists: Wykwitex is an artistic group from Wrocław utilizing visual language and work culture inspired by the world of business. Their activity aims at creating a field of cooperation between these seemingly inconsistent worlds. This juxtaposition favors innovation and results in a long-term value growth. The exhibition was created thanks to the support of the patron of the Art Walk Gallery, Ghelamco Poland

Production: The Board of Directors of Wykwitex: Karolina Balcer, Janusz Czyżewicz, Jagoda Dobecka, Miłosz Flis, Martyna Muth, Iwona Ogrodzka, Anita Welter

Artistic and graphic design of the exhibition: Wykwitex

Coordinator: Karolina Wlazło-Malinowska

Organizer: Fundacja Sztuka w Mieście, Ghelamco Poland


19.05. – 31.08.2018