Sky is the limit

Board no. 4: Application of the WykwitexTower, print, 100×70 cm, 2018


Choosing the neighborhood – the neighborhood can be specified depending on political views, religion, passions, fetishes, etc. This option prevents possible conflicts and enables the new neighbors to build a community. It is also a new form of creating the image (identification though the choice of the community).


Choosing the spot – the possibility to choose country/city/place of the rented space.


Advertising – the possibility to place an add in the WykwitexTower elevator and on the observation terrace.


Unlimited space – the option to increase the rented space in the future, change the floor, the room arrangement, etc.


Window view – details on the next board.


Low entry point – attractive discounts for interesting startups and clients in a difficult financial situation. Moreover, there is an option to rent the space for the citizens of the world without a permanent address.