Marta Krześlak

499 sekund


Marta Krześlak


kinetic installation

foil, wire, vibration motors

Such a mix-up!
A black hole that isn’t a hole, but a high-density object.
Falling stars that are meteors leaving luminous streaks behind them. The morning or evening star? But Venus is not a star!
The Sea of Fertility, and of Showers, the Sea of Cold, and Tranquillity, the Sea of Moisture, and the Ocean of Storms – but there’s no seas, nor oceans on the Moon.
Antimatter, which isn’t a void at all.
Solid matter, which is really fields of excited particles.
Language doesn’t seem to keep up with the universe, just like imagination cannot grasp spacetime or the concept of, say, 20 dimensions.
One can whisper words, trying to put puzzles together, to create a map out of them, but at the end of the day there’s always a moment when you need to put a question mark. It’s somehow safer with it.
Metaphors reflect past concepts and past states of knowledge. They are stuck with us. New words are about new discoveries, and new visions of how things might work: “cosmic inflation”, “quantum fluctuation”, “string theory”.
Listen to this wording: quantum fluctuation. Fluctuation meaning random change or maybe simply bubbling of quanta. Unpredictable emerging and disappearing of particle-antiparticle couples. Is motion one of the fundamental features of this universe?
Come on, go ahead.