Constantly Wet Bike Seat

Piotr Urbaniec


Constantly Wet Bike Seat


Wet bike seat is usually the first discomfort when it starts raining. This form, like the sound of Pavlov’s dog experiment bell, is associated with a sense of something unpleasant. The seat to fulfil its function should be quickly dried, preferably wiped with a microfiber cloth. In the exhibition, the seat is constantly wet, positioned behind glass, reminding us of our helplessness in the face of the weather. To maintain the moisture of the saddle, a closed hydraulic system was created, a sculptural form inspired by meteorological phenomena. This system cyclically rises a few centimetres through a connection with another system–two syringes pumping puddle samples. One syringe is powered by an electric actuator, and the other is powered by water entering from the first syringe. The entire installation constitutes a closed system and water circulates in it continuously. The first puddle is an exit from the comfort zone.

*Puddles are ephemeral forms in the anomalies of the city, while the ‘Pudddles’ series consists of sculptural forms trying to prolong temporary forms, memories of the rain. Unlike their ephemeral sources, these representations are long-lasting forms that exist continuously throughout the exhibition period, regardless of the weather.