From the head



Graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Scholarships: semi-annual art scholarship from the city of Warsaw (2012);  Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievement (2013); Rector of the Academy in Warsaw for best students for artistic achievement (2014). Fields of artistic activity: sculpture, drawing, video. Cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw on a solo project (2012) and workshops (2014). The Minister of Culture and National Heritage award for the best students (2015). Winner of the exhibition 2015 Coming Out. The Best Degree Pieces from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Main Prize of the ENTRY Initiative, Golden Chisel – a faculty award from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Tytuł pracy: From the head

The author has focused on the theme of head as a representation of man and the most intimate part of the body, a relationship between visibility and existence, and the eternal problem of using an image to mimic a man.

She masked the head with underwear to bring associations with intimacy and nudity, and although in the piece the mask has physical form, in the artist’s intention it is a symbolic object from the outside, used for description of the inside.