Karolina Wlazło-Malinowska

499 sekund

Is It All Dark?

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Karolina Wlazło-Malinowska
plywood, graphite

When the photon travels from the Sun to Earth, it not only passes by the Solar System planets and their moons, but also a lot of nothing. Is it really empty though? Is it a void? Or maybe it’s just matter invisible to the human peeping apparatus?
Remember how I’ve spoken to you about black holes? The one in the centre of the Milky Way is Sagittarius A* and its mass is 4 million times bigger than the mass of the Sun. But besides the black hole, there is this whole space between planets, stars, moons, and other celestial bodies. And it’s not a nothingness. It’s full of dark matter – a something in vast amounts more than the visible material. There is also dark energy, which forces everything in the universe to repel away from each other.
95% of the universe is made from dark matter and energy. The things hidden and unknown outnumber those visible and understood. How much more do humans not yet know, apart from what they already realise that they don’t know?
Let’s move on.