Lifted Bridge While Raining

Piotr Urbaniec


Lifted Bridge While Raining


In one of the scenes from the Danish film “Voksne mennesker”, the main character is taken by surprise when a bridge begins to rise in front of him. It forces him to stop his car during his journey. This moment of waiting makes him realise something very important and prompts him to turn his car and come back to the lover.

A lifted bridge, at times, can be like a puddle, an obstacle, but it can also be a moment of self-reflection, depending on one’s mood. The sculptural form depicting this situation is a kinetic miniature of a lifted bridge in the rain. Raindrops fall on the bridge for one minute and thirty-three seconds. After this time, the barrier closes and flashes red. The bridge slowly lifts. The puddle flows down through a gentle system of obstacles into a reservoir underneath the bridge. After one minute and thirty three seconds, the road will return to its place. The barrier will open. Rain once again will drip onto the bridge. This important moment is perpetually looped.