Wiesław Czajka

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Meteoryt found in Warsaw

Owner: Chris Hernandez
Date of the finding: 5.07.2021
Place of the find: near Grunwaldzki Square, Warsaw 52o 15’ 45.132” N 20o 58’ 46.108” E
Weight: 600 g

Polish Map of Cosmis Mater Falls

Wiesław Czajka


At first Chris thought it was dog poo. He rolled his eyes and thought: “people”! Then he took a closer look and thought it was more of a brick. Wait, something was not right. He took the “rock” in his palm and felt its weight was out of proportion to its size. Eventually it proved that on July 5th, 2021 Chris found a metallic meteor in Warsaw, Poland. You can see it here, now. Don’t you wonder where this piece of matter had been before and what it experienced?
These stories actually do happen. On a map of cosmic matter impacts in Poland, dated 2015, you can see various findings or traces of falling rocks: achondrites, chondrites, stony-iron, purely iron, tektite, and craters. Jankowo Dolne, Wietrzno-Bóbrka, Oborniki. Cosmic matter – as if local sand and stones were not cosmic enough? It seems like humans like to mythologize matter that once travelled in inaccessible darkness. Or maybe you feel some sort of respect for that? You tell me – and step to the next window.j.