Zuzanna Rogatty

Neon Inn

Rialto is inspired by old polish neon signs and theirs very imaginative and expressive lettering. Neon signs were designing by great Polish artists and architects during communistic times in Poland. Every lettering were very different and contained unique letters, decorative ligatures, swashes or compositions. The name came from old cinema located in Poznań, Poland, which has a huge red neon sign above entrance with its name. Rialto is a monoline display swashed script. Except lower and upper case it contains a set of block letters which you can find by turning on Small Caps. Uppercase, lowercase and small caps include latin accents. My aim was to design a font which will be evolving during writing. That’s why it contains contextual alternatives, basic and discretionary ligatures, initials and swashes. There are swashes for capitals, beginning and ending swashes in lowercase, and dash swashes in lowercase. A lot of variants which you can choose make every word individual just like neon signs were. Rialto Script was a MA diploma project at the University of Arts in Poznań and was published by The Designers Foundry (thedesignersfoundry.com)