The ugliest colour in the world

Blanka Jędra, Marek Kucharski

The Colour you are facing

In 2016, Pantone 448C or “Opaque Couché” has been named the world’s ugliest colour. After three months of intense research carried out on a group of 1000 respondents it was selected as a means to discourage smokers from buying cigarettes. According to the test, Pantone 448C was associated with dirt, tar and death. Dark brown colour was close to the leading position, but its rich “chocolate” colouring seemed too appetizing – it could provoke positive associations. In a statement of the Pantone company 448C is seen quite differently: “At the Pantone Color Institute, we consider all colors equally. There is no such thing as the ugliest color nor is there such a thing as the most beautiful color.” They explained that the colour marked with the symbol 448 C and its shades can be found in places connected with earth and nature, but also in stylish accessories and leather shoes. The “Cosmopolitan” magazine lists even specific collections using this colour, such as the 2016 fall collection by Nicholas K, or the 2014 fall collection by Alberta Ferretti.

Some say there is no accounting for taste. How do you like Pantone 448C?