The World Is Yours


The World Is Yours

In 2016 the cityscape of Warsaw gained a new landmark – the highest skyscraper in Poland – the Warsaw Spire. The most expensive property investment in the country is a symbol of the corporate world, business, money. The Art Walk Gallery situated on the ground floor has been created by the same investor and is supposed to be an independent space without any corporate impact, educational, thought-provoking, offering everyone a window to the art world.

– Is it worth fulfilling this task?

– Yes, it is.

– Why?

– As there is no other place of this kind nearby, which means that thoughts appearing in this space are likely to go off the beaten track.

And it would be excellent if they went off the beaten track for good in order to make everyone aware that the world we live in today is not given in such a shape forever. One thought might be followed by many others. We may come up with a reflection that the world is ours. It belongs to us and we can foresee its future, however, we cannot be sure of its partnership nor its blessing. We cannot take it for granted.

The best advertisement has a slogan that we identify with. An airline eye-catching claim becomes a symbol of human drama. We use it as a life motto without even considering it. What if it was well thought-over?


Curator: Jakub Słomkowski
Project coordinator: Karolina Wlazło-Malinowska
Artists: Arek Pasożyt, Jakub Jasiukiewicz, Andrzej Jobczyk, Marek Dakowski, Karol Kisiel, Łukasz Kwietniewski, Jakub Słomkowski, Radicalzz: Joanna Skorupska, Marta Frączek
Partners: Samsung, Calypso, O.K.O Film, Instytut Medycyny Lotniczej
Media patronage: TVP Kultura
Cooperation: Katarzyna Rysiak, Bakcyl Studio, Iza Szostak, Tomasz Pakowski, Daniel Truszkowski, Karolina Ogrodowska, Gilberto Bautista Ortiz, Marcin Fijałkowski, Jakub Dykiert, Dana Chmielewska, Agnieszka Sprawka, Bakcyl Studio, Zofia Turkot, Marek Kucharski, Michał Rytel-Przełomiec, Karolina Karwan