Two Stories About Life in a Commune

Magdalena Lazar


Two Stories About Life in a Commune


Two lightboxes depict the most intriguing situations I observed under the microscope. The object on the left showcases protozoa forming colonies. They live in a commune, creating a shared foot-like structure, akin to a rope that bends and contracts. This helps them move more efficiently to gather sustenance.

The lightbox on the right is a form of documentation based on a sample taken from a water reservoir, enduringly low in light. There are still some remnants here. This is the dwelling of an amoeba. It has taken over a fragment of a deceased crustacean and has become its wild tenant. This situation can be compared to the squatting of spaces. Squatters are motivated by the belief that the struggle against housing scarcity created by authorities or the denial of access to other essential goods such as culture and education takes precedence over property rights.