Villas near Warsaw

Helena and Szymon Syrkus

For living

Dr. Berenstein’s Guesthouse

6 Jasiowa St., Konstancin-Jeziorna

Villa “Jasia” or Dr. Berenstein’s small resort house, was the result of a collaboration between Helena and Szymon Syrkus and constructor Stanislaw Hempel. Located parallel to the road, the building had living and sleeping rooms facing south, while corridors, bathrooms, and staircases were located on the north side. The east wall is without windows, as the design envisioned the possibility of future expansion in that direction. Each of the guesthouse rooms offered the same standard – access to hot and cold water, central heating, built-in closet, folding beds, and modest furnishings. Each room had access to an outdoor terrace divided by glass partitions and obscured by a movable textile canopy. Thanks to such solutions, it was possible to meet the most important goal of the architects – to provide the best possible access to sunlight. Minimalist appearance, the use of large glazing and visual lightness were made possible by the use of a console frame structure. Thermal comfort was achieved through the use of heat-accumulating hollow brick and cellolite panels insulating the building from the outside. Thus, the modernity of the guesthouse was manifested not only in its constructivist design, but also through the innovation of the construction solutions.

The House of Jan and Irena Nelken

5 Uzdrowiskowa St., Konstancin-Jeziorna

Construction of the Nelken family house on the then Królewska Street began in 1932 and was put into use already in 1933. The building, sometimes called Willa Anna (named after the daughter of Jan and Irena), is in functionalist style. Located deep in a densely wooded plot, it is built on a rectangular plan. A daily area with a living room, kitchen, and toilet is located on the first floor, while a more private bedroom section is located upstairs. The fast pace of construction can be attributed to the construction system used – the building was erected in a lightweight steel frame structure. With the exterior walls stripped of their structural function, the interiors open up to the surrounding greenery and terrace with large windows.

Archival illustrations – Architecture Museum in Wroclaw
Exhibition photos – Katarzyna Średnicka
Doctor Berenstein’s Villa model – Architecture Museum in Wroclaw